My name is Karl Weiss and I have lived in northern New Jersey my whole life. I first learned about home brewing while on a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2007. First off, Hungus is my trail name which comes from the character Karl Hungus. No great story there, just came from hiking with some BIG Lebowski fans. One thing led to another and I became known as Hungus. I was spending the evening at the Zeland Falls hut in the White Mountain National Forest when I stumbled upon The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian. I spent a little time reading this book there and was hooked. I spent the next month on the trail thinking about brewing. When I got off the trail and back on my feet I ordered a starter kit from Northern Brewer, brewed my very first batch on December 30th 2007, and the rest was history.

Since then I have fermented thousands of gallons of wort and made meads and ciders as well. My brewery is in an ever evolving state but I usually make big upgrades in the dead of winter and then spend the spring, summer, and fall fine tuning. I first started on a kitchen stove doing partial boils and then quickly moved to a turkey fryer and an aluminum pot, cooling wort in an ice bath in the kitchen sink. Fermenting in glass carboys in the basement with no attention to temperatures was the norm. My brewery has now evolved to a separate 200 sq ft building with fermentation chambers controlled via the internet, a solar powered all electric HERM system, conical fermenters, and yeast lab. My love for stainless steel and automation seems to grow stronger every year. I typically like to brew traditional styles and strive to brew every style in the BJCP style guidelines. Thats not to say I am a stickler for guidelines, but I feel that any good brewer needs to be able to nail the basics before taking leaps into the unknowns.

In November of 2013 I took the BJCP tasting exam and became a Certified judge. I have since advanced to the rank of National. I have judged in many local competitions since then and even judged in the NHC finals every year since 2014. My local club is the Morris Area Society of Homebrewers or MASH NJ. If you are in the area feel free to stop by. We offer beer evaluations for club members via Online Beer Scores and we offer water analysis using a club purchased Brew Lab. In addition to that there are always fun topics covered or great guest speakers.